Clean Room Recovery


Hard Drive – Replacing Parts

When a hard drive needs to be opened for a physical repair a dust free environment is essential. Despite what you may have read you do not have a sealed dust free room with technicians dressed head to foot in clothing straight out of a science fiction film. Clean room products are large box like devices that draw air and any dust particles away from the drive. Here is an example.

Opening a hard drive should be avoided if at all possible as the chance of causing further damage is greatly increased. Probably the most common reason for physically opening the drive will be because the read/write head assembly is damaged. Replacing any drive internals is a delicate procedure and involves sourcing a near identical “donor” hard drive for the necessary parts. If the repair is successful the drive can then be imaged and the valuable user data  copied to other storage media. This is where professional tools like the MRT Ultra and Deepspar Imager are used. The old hard drive should never be used again as the chances of further failure is high.


How We Work For These Sort of Jobs

Because of the need for a large supply of donor drives, head replacemet tools and other parts combined with the low demand for this type of recovery we work with a partner company who specialise in this type of data recovery. The cost to you is the same as if you go direct to the company who pay us 15% of the price they charge.

There is no charge if the data you need can’t be recovered. The only other costs involved are postal charges.

Price Guide

Prices for this sort of recovery are in the £400 – £500 range. Obviously, only you can decide if your data is worth spending this type of money.

Head Stack Assembly

Above is a picture of the various components of the head stack assembly. This is the device thats moves back and forwards over the platters to read and write data to and from the hard drive. If the heads are damaged then the whole head stack assembly must be replaced to recover data from the drive. It is also fairly common for the damaged head assembly to scrape the surface of the disk and ruin any data. This is why should not keep using a disk if it’s making a scratching noise as it is just digging into the disk and turning your valuable data into dust.

Hard Drive Workbench

This is a hard drive workbench that holds the damaged and donor hard drive securely while any parts are swapped over. In this picture you can see the large aluminium device that holds the heads in place so they can be slid from the platters without them touching each other as this causes more damage. Both the stand and head stack tool are provided by HDD Surgery.

Other Physical Hard Drive Issues

There are other physical faults that affect hard drives such as stuck platters or a failed motor but these tend to be less common. Prices are in the same range as head problems.

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