Fixed Price Data Recovery

Affordable Fixed Price Data Recovery

All jobs that don’t require the drive to be rebuilt due to read/write head damage or failed motor problems are covered by our fixed price service. We charge the same price for recovery on Windows, Apple or Linux based systems.

Even with some damage to the read/write assembly it is often possible to recover a large proportion of the data. It could be that there are 6 heads in the drive and only one is damaged. Using our hardware tools we can identify and turn off the bad head and then image and recover data from the 5 good heads. We would then try and recover more data.

Types of Hard Drive Faults We Recover Data From

  • File system damaged
  • Clicking or other noises
  • Dropped drive
  • Bad sectors on drive
  • Circuit board and firmware issues
  • Drive not recognised by Operating System
  • Lost files and folders due to formatting
  • USB Memory stick not recognised

Our Fixed Prices for Various Types of Drives

  • Internal laptop or desktop SATA drives –  £150.00
  • External USB SATA drives –  £160.00
  • USB Memory Sticks –  £100.00*

How Do We Recover Data?

We use a combination of hardware tools and specialist software. Our main hardware tools are:

MRT Ultra

                      Mrt Ultra

This tool has a very good success rate in getting data from damaged drives. Some of the jobs it is really useful for are:

  • 1.8”, 2.5”, and 3.5” HDDs with a capacity of up to 5TB
  • One-click automatic HDD diagnostic repair module where possible
  • Efficient USB terminal that can work with Seagate F3 serial HDDs
  • Support Flash ROM programming unit
  • Support the recovery of corrupted firmware in HDDs
  • Support the ability to unlock and reset hard drive password
  • Support data recovery and HDDs repair due to failed read/write heads
  • Support virtual head map technology
  • Support the repair of HDDs with physically-damaged sectors
  • Support disk imaging, imaging by selective head, file recovery
  • Support Head map editing in RAM for data recovery
  • Hide found defects of magnetic surface
  • Forward and reverse scans and directly recover data from bad sectors
  • Scan and recover accidentally deleted files

Deepspar Disk Imager

An excellent tool that can make an image of the damaged drive and can be configured in many ways to tease out every last piece of data. The image created can then be worked on without causing any more damage to the customer drive. These images show the Deepspar Disk Imager and the imaging screen while it is working.


Both these tools are expensive to buy and complicated to setup and use effectively but they are must have devices as they provide the best chance of getting important data back in a useful form.


Software Products

There are a number of professional software products we use to recover data from images created by either of the two hardware devices already mentioned. (It is not a good idea to run any recovery software on the damaged drive itself as more damage is likely to be caused). This is why the software selling for £30 or so are not useful in professional data recovery.

The software we have the most success with includes:

  • GetDataBack for NTFS and Fat
  • ReclaimMePro
  • R-Studio
  • X-Ways

These tools are expensive to buy and can be very difficult to use effectively but are highly recommended for serious data recovery.

Solid State Drives

We are able to recover data from SSD’s in some cases but at present are unable to offer a fixed price service. We have had some success with our MRT Ultra tool but in cases where the onboard chips have to be removed we are still looking at the necessary hardware tools before we decide which one is best for us and our customers needs




Drives with Damaged Heads or Failed or Stuck Motor

We no longer tend to offer these services as the cost is usually prohibitive because additional parts need to be sourced. Generally, this means finding a near identical hard drive and transferring the head assembly to the damaged drive. Because of the time it takes to match a drive we usually recommend a company that can do this sort of work much quicker than us. They keep a large supply of donor drives and do this sort of work on a daily basis. We can send your drive to them for no cost beyond the postage involved if you prefer to do that. Prices are high for this sort of work, around £390 plus vat or so is not unusual.