FAQ’S About Our Data Recovery Services

Do you open drives to replace damaged parts?

No, we only recover data from hard drives that can be read by our professional hardware and software tools . If your drive is physically damaged we work with a specialist data recovery business that undertake this work for us. We can send the drive to this company for just the cost of registered mail or you can send it yourself. We receive a 15% commission from the recovery company which doesn’t affect the price you pay.

I’ve been quoted a lot less by another company.

Always be wary of a company that offer low prices and never pay money up front. In these cases the chances are the company will be unable (or unwilling) to recover your data and will keep your money as an “inspection fee.” Variations on this are extra money being charged after the original fee has been agreed and a refusal to return your drive until you have paid this extra amount.

How do I get my drive to you?

In most cases customers drop their drive off to us by arranging a time beforehand. If you are not in the Watford area then you can send the drive to us. Please contact us to get advice on secure and safe packaging.

Can I wait while my data is recovered?

Unfortunately not. Most recoveries take either hours or days to complete. In addition, we will have other work in progress which will have to be completed first. However, we do offer a priority service (see below).

Do you offer a priority service?

Yes, on top of the existing quote to start work immediately we charge a fee of £50 if fast recovery is vital. Please note that this doesn’t mean we will be able to recover your data there and then. Normal procedures still apply, However, we will probably be able to tell if the job is likely to be a long one and in such cases we wouldn’t charge as a priority job.

How will I get my data back?

You can either provide a suitable USB Memory stick or hard drive or we will supply one for an extra charge. If there is not a lot of data it is sometimes possible to upload it to a file sharing program. We don’t charge for this service.

Somebody else has looked at my drive and said it can’t be repaired.

If it was another specialist recovery business that may well be the case. However, a local computer repair company probably doesn’t have the equipment to undertake serious data recovery so there is a good chance we will be successful in getting your information back.

I have personal information on my drive, will my privacy be respected?

Privacy is always respected and your data will not be available to anybody except the person recovering it. Also, if you require us to sign a non-disclosure agreement then we are happy to do so.

If my drive is still under warranty will data recovery invalidate this.

Only if the drive is opened which is not something we do.  Remember that if you return your drive within the warranty period any data will not be recovered by the retailer. In such cases, it might be better to take the hit on not having the drive replaced this way. Also, if the drive is the one that came with your computer it will not be covered by the hard drive manufacturer’s warranty.

Do you charge if you can’t recover my data?

No, we will discuss what type of data is most important to you. If we can’t get all of your data we will reduce our charge if that suits you. If we have to return your drive by post or courier then we charge for this service.

Can your repair the hard drive so it can be reused?

No, a repaired hard drive should never be relied on as it will fail again. The only reason for repairing the drive is to get it working so that the data can be copied from it. Given the low cost of storage media (a 1tb hard drive can be bought now for around £40 to £50) it just isn’t worth relying on the drive.

Windows Keeps Trying to Read the Disk, Should I let it continue?

Definitely not. Windows or any other Operating System isn’t a data recovery product. It just tries (and will continue to try) to initialise the disk so it can be accessed. This will degrade the disk further and eventually the disk will fail completely. A similar thing goes for Chkdsk a command line utility in Windows that is ok at sorting out minor issues with the drive but will eventually cause a failing disk to die.

Are some of the free products available any use in data recovery?

No, nearly all of these products are good at one thing, and that’s recovering recently deleted files. Whether from an accidental deletion from the recycle bin or from formatting of the disk. They will not help with serious data recovery and will usually degrade the drive further.

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